domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

sunny days and riding afternoons

Time has been flying lately. weeks look like days and days look like minutes... it's already been 3 and a half months that I'm living north and it looks like I've arrived yesterday. Anyway, summer is about to leave but in the meanwhile, is still able to surprise us with some days like yesterday. sunny and warm, which allows you to ride the whole afternoon...that was what happened! street riding, ramp riding, trails, some chilling and a completely worth day enjoying that amazing thing that is bike riding.

In the evening, a couple of beers, stupid jokes and the fact that greek people are invading town! And also the fact that international students are always bitching about dutch people is starting to piss me out a little bit. stop complaining, please.

oh this week is going to go fast, Enschede tomorrow, Utrecht on thursday and Poland on friday, for the weekend...

Friday night in Amsterdam was fun, guest list to the Vimeo Awards pre-party and we watched a couple of wicked videos. Fear/Love is so good, as well as Words.

Have to go for grocery now, and afterwards a little bit of bike riding and night cinema session watching Dick Tracy at the anarchist cultural centre.

Fun is awesome!

I do love the sun and I kind miss it...

quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

too much of this...

Once I heard someone saying that if the week is to work, weekend is to punish your body...I don't really believe in that but the fact is that last weekend was a little bit true. Got a call from Bjorn: "hey, let's go for a ride?!" and I said "Oh, I wish I could but my bike is in Rotterdam...but hey, I'll drop by the park and I'll shoot you some photos!"; I indeed tried to do it, but it was already too dark so, what about one beer at db's? hell yeah, you know where to go! one turned into a countless amount and a gig for free, thanks to our sneaking-in hability (is this a bike rider thing?!...guess so).

Next morning wasn't easy but I still went to Rotterdam: my bike was waiting for me there and so was Almer's friends party. Again, one beer turned into an even more countless thing and the funniest thing is that I found out the trick to get drinks almost for free (dutch people were amazed about this capability). We had such a nice fun!

Next day (complicated one) and a bmx comp in Rotterdam. sick stuff being thrown down and I met these two nice brothers from Wisconsin.

Oh, and if it wasn't enough punishing the body on weekends, a bit of my finger got chopped off at work...ouch.

Because of bikes project in the works, more information soon.

Modest mouse gig in Amsterdam last night was well worth, 2 hours of gig, so many instruments played on the stage and a good vibe.

Why is this playing on loop again and again? oh wait, I know, trumpet is such a nice instrument (and I do miss summer)

quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010


After some troubled times where I thought my little world was going to collapse, I finally found some peace and I'm actually starting to get back on track. new room, which is cosy and nice and where I will be able to stay until the end of the internship. no more moving from place to place, no more carrying bags with me, no more looking for advertisings for rooms and finally I can now decorate my own room. Photos have been already glued to the wall, and the room is now clean and tidy and the way I want. finally...
while was waiting for moving to the new place, I spent some time in Rotterdam, at Almer's home. nice weekend, nice food, drinking beer with friends, meeting new people, going out to new places, museums, night time cycling, night time photo session, one of the most tasty ice creams ever and some bmx riding. Rotterdam is now going to start to be a must for the weekend.

work is getting better, the big project is now done and is going to be exhibited within a few weeks, loads of exhibitions, flight to Poland is already booked and we have a new assignment coming in, in which we're going to start to work full time.

oh, and talking about booked flights, primavera club will be waiting on the 25th of November... can't wait to go back.

from now on, this will be a kind of diary.

such a big help in rough times:

quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

back again

I know I've been out a long time...rough times lately and a thousand things going through my mind are the cause for the delayed new post.

I’ll write more often from now on, or at least I hope so, but the main thing for now is that Tiago is coming for at least 10 days and we’re gonna have some mentally unhealthy times as soon as he got here. Tickets for Cologne are already bought, Amsterdam is gonna be another must, and I think Utrecht is never going to be same after seeing me and Mr T-Lo on wild mode around the city.

Come on man, hurry up, I’ll give you shelter:

quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

FR 9123

It's an unquestionable truth the fact that, when you're nervous, you lose your sleep and your tummy starts to ache; not a painful ache, just a funny but good feeling if the cause of your nerves is something good. I've been having that the whole week and I hope not to lose my sleep tonight, because I need to be awake and fresh for tomorrow.

It's going to be a painful journey until 6pm, but we both know that is going to be completely worth and that prize that we talked about some weeks ago is definitely ours. Time will feel like stoping from 9 to 5 tomorrow, but I honestly hope that it really stops for the next 13 days.

Be at Utrecht Centraal Station around 6pm, platform 19. I'll be wearing black shoes, black trousers, checkered shirt, a backpack and a smile on my face, just in case you don't recognise me.

Bidai ona izan.

segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010

Beer, biking and bad sleeping

It's always nice to have people visiting you on your own little new world, specially when you're still a bit lost in your new location. first visitors where my parents and we had a great time this weekend, I hope more and more visitors will come over.
One day in Utrecht and one weekend in Amsterdam was the chosen schedule for these days, and it turned out to be a really nice and mellow weekend.

they were really pleased with Utrecht, found it really cozy and nice. We had wok food and they did a boat trip (while I was working) and we were all happy with it! I guess I'm starting to have my opinion made about where to go after july (or should I say where to stay?).

Well, the trip to Amsterdam was basically getting to know the city and walking around doing a bit of tourism and sightseeing. I enjoyed the city a lot and I'll definitely gonna be back there, the gigs' scene is massive there and it's not that far away from Utrecht.

Biking on sunday with my parents was really cool, having beers with my dad sitting on the gay district was funny and walking around with them on the red light district in the evening was a bit odd but nice, we laugh with it. Their hotel room was soooo nice, and my hostel room was total rubish, specially when I couldn't sleep because of these guys that were snoring so so loud that was impossible for me to get some sleep. iPod in my ears is a magic solution for that!

Monsiuer Jacques Brel has the word now:

quarta-feira, 9 de junho de 2010

first guests

Three weeks after my arrival to Holland, I'll have my first guests visiting me in my new place. mom and dad, welcome to the Netherlands! I'm really glad to have you here this short break that you're going to visit the north. Amsterdam on the weekend is going to be really good. A pity that you're not coming, sis! in August, for sure.

In other hand, responsability sucks. I already have that weird feeling in my stomach when one has deadlines to respect and honestly, I hope I don't lose my sleep because of that. I still have time but that's the way my head works. Anyway, designing is good, responsability is bad.

Also, the one-week countdown starts tomorrow, and everyday I'm more and more anxious.

folks, this weekend we'll hit the city: